Medicolegal Expertise

My defendant / claimant ratio is approximately 60 : 40.

Clinical Negligence
I provide opinions for obstetrics cases such as cerebral palsy, shoulder dystocia, Erb’s palsy, antenatal and postnatal care. I am providing rapid clinical reviews and opinions for the NHS Resolution (NHSR) Early Notification Scheme (ENS) on birth injury cases.
In gynaecology I have reported on failed sterilisation, endometriosis, complications of abdominal, hysteroscopic, and laparoscopic surgery.

I have reported for: Bevan Brittan, Capsticks, Clyde and Co, DAC Beachcroft, Hempsons, Hill Dickinson, Leigh Day, Medical Protection Society (MPS), Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS), Slater Gordon, Ward Hadaway, Weightmans, and many more.
I have provided opinions in cases from overseas countries such as Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Corfu, Barbados, Trinidad and Tabago and St Helena Island.

I provide opinions for serious sexual offences, sexual assault, deaths of women and babies. I have provided reports for Metropolitan Police, Lincolnshire Police and many other Police forces.

I have done several employment tribunal cases as a single joint expert. I also accept personal injury cases and legal aid cases.

Court Appearances
County Court / High Court: 6 times – last time May 2022
Crown Court: 13 times – last time, May 2022 (previously Old Bailey, London: twice)
GMC hearing: twice – last time February 2020
Coroner’s Court: 5 times – last time January 2022

Medicolegal Publications
Medicolegal Ramifications of Failed Sterilisation:
BJOG 2004 and Human Reproduction 2007

Guidelines to Reduce Injury during Laparoscopic Entry:
Surgical Endoscopy 2008 and EJOG 2016

In 2018, I contributed to 3 chapters and was a Gynaecology Section Editor for:
Medicolegal Issues in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (2018).
Eds: Swati Jha, Ferriman E. Springer, Cham: 

Intimate Examinations and Chaperones (Chapter 12)
Bowel injury (Chapter 44)
Sterilisation (Chapter 60)

Medicolegal Book
2018 Publication

In 2022, I contributed to 2 chapters in ‘Lessons from Medicolegal Cases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology‘ Edited by Swati Jha and Eloise Power (Cambridge University Press).

Chapter 17. The cervix: The nemesis of O & G
Chapter 18. Hysterectomy for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB)

Medicolegal Cases Book
2022 Publication

My normal reporting time is 45 working days, which has been managed in over 90% of cases. For full details of my Terms of Engagement and hourly rates please E-mail me.

I am a Full Practising Member of the Academy of Experts (MAE). I am also a registered member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and Member of the Expert Witnesses of the Law Society.

I am on the National Crime Agency (NCA) National Injuries Database (NID), which was formerly the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and previously NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency).